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  1. “You can get a card from the state if you so desire, but it’s not required to buy weed at a dispensary.

    If you do choose to get a Maine medical marijuana card, then you are required to carry it with you whenever you are carrying marijuana.

    Alternatively, if you choose not to register, then you must carry your original physician certification and a Maine-issued photo ID.”


    This is dead wrong. You cannot buy from a dispensary without a permanent card from the state on tamper-proof paper. “The original physician certification” and a state ID is not enough.

    I know, because I tried it yesterday and was unable to purchase.

    This is the relevant text from the state’s office of marijuana policy:

    “Are temporary/digital/electronic patient certifications valid?

    No. Temporary and/or digital medical marijuana patient cards or certifications are not an acceptable form of identification for the purposes of obtaining marijuana for medical use in Maine.

    To be a qualifying patient in Maine’s program, among other things, an individual must possess “a valid written certification…” A written certification is only valid if it is “a document on tamper-resistant paper signed by a medical provider…”. These requirements are written into law and aim to preserve the integrity of the medical marijuana program by reducing the possibility of altering and tampering with valid medical certifications.

    The Office of Marijuana Policy provides medical providers with tamper-resistant patient certification paper at no cost.”

    Please do not publish misleading information. Patients need to know that they will have to wait to get the permanent card in the mail.

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